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FOLLOW THAT STRING - Deborah Brown & Kathy Bacovitch

Okay guys. I really think this is one of my favourite picture books ever, and it’s certainly Dylan’s favourite at the moment!

Ning has a parcel delivered which is full of string and a note instructing him to follow it. He and his toy rabbit Keppy do so and it leads to so much fun!

I’m going to have to give away the story in order to express how brilliant this book is. When you get to the end of the string, there’s an actual piece of string with a paper key attached. The key ‘unlocks’ a chest, and inside the chest (pocket) is a tiny book full of Ning & Keppy’s favourite things. It’s such a creative way to end the story and means the fun continues once the book is over.

Following the string through the book is great fun and Dylan loves tracing it with his finger. He’s been obsessed with this book for weeks now and even once we’ve read it and he’s ready to sleep he asks to have his ‘Keppy book’ in bed with him.

I would highly recommend this book to all of you - it’s a brilliant way of getting your kids really involved with reading.

It retails for £6.99 but I picked it up in my local bargain bin for £1.99!

Ginny xo

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